Polar Bear Food

Being hyper carnivore, 70% of a polar bear’s diet comprises meat. As there are millions of seals present in the Arctic, the staple diet of a polar bear comprises of seals. Their olfactory sense is very strong and they can smell seals through seal breathing hole even a kilometer away from them. A polar bear can be seen hunting ringed seals and bearded seals of the Arctic. However, depending on the area where they are inhabited, they may also turn to harp and hooded seals for their food. These bears are also very flexible with their diet.

In case they are unable to find their favorite food, seal, they tend to turn towards other items present in their close environment. They can be seen feeding on reindeers, muskox, rodents, crab, birds, crustaceans, and eggs. If they are unable to find meat, they tend to turn to vegetation and plants like kelp, berries, and roots. The carcasses of beluga whale, other bear’s kill, beachcast marine mammal, etc., also become a part of their diet.

Bearclub.biz is providing bear club membership to preserve polar bears. Our club is taking the initiative to offer food to the endangered creature. Polar bears are carnivores in nature, so meat constitutes the maximum portion of its diet. There is various Polar bear food habit depending upon the availability.

What Do Polar Bears Eat?

What do polar like to eat is the main question arises in mind but Polar bears mainly consume seals in the Arctic region. They also consume walruses and bowhead whales. However, if the food is unavailable they may eat small rodents, reindeer, sea birds, fish, vegetation, and sometimes human garbage.

Polar bears are the only creature in the world of frozen snow that live on an energy-rich diet of seafood. Polar Bears can even survive without food or limited food during summers and autumn months. They gain huge fat to enable them to starve for a longer period and it helps the body to burn fat. Seals are an important source of food for Polar bears. Thus Polar Bear food habit is mainly dependent on the season and thus its body structure is dependent on it. Thus our club makes its initiative to make available of the food for reducing polar bears.