Information On Species Of Bear

When it comes to bears, there are a number of species of bears that are prevailing on the face of earth. The top species of bears are:

Polar Bear: One of the most popular species of bears is that living in the Arctic Circle. It comprises the white-furred creatures that live on sea ice. These are among the largest bears and even carnivore mammals in the world.

Brown Bear: Scientifically named as Ursus Arctos, the brown bear has a number of subspecies like Atlas bear, Grizzly bear, Gobi bear, Kodiak bear, Blue bear, Bergman’s bear, etc. They are identified by their color which ranges from almost black to dark brown and even to many shades lighter at blonde.

American Black Bear: The America black bears are medium-sized bears that are generally found in North America. They also have a number subspecies like Cinnamon bear, Glacier bear, Louisiana black bear, Florida black bear, Newfoundland black bear, etc. These bears are the friendliest of all.

Asian Black Bear: The next types of bear species is the Asian black bear which is also known as the white-chested bear or moon bear. They are native to Asia and have subspecies like Himalayan black bear, Pakistan black bear, Japanese black bear, Formosan black bear, etc.

Panda: One of the cutest bears of all is the panda bear. Found usually in South Central China, the panda bear has distinctive black patches around the eye and a round black circle around the body. It is a rare and endangered species.

Sloth Bear: The sloth bear has two subspecies only and they are the Indian sloth bear and the Sri Lankan sloth bear. They are distinguished by a white U-shape marking on their chest. They are smaller in size than other bear species.

Sun Bear: Scientifically known as Ursus Malayanus, the Sun bear is the smallest of all the bear species. They are typically found in the Southeast parts of Asia. They have a sweet tooth for honey and are also called honey bear for the same reason.

Bears belong to the family of Ursidae species. However, there are eight species of bears such as Asiatic black bears, brown bears, pandas, American black bears, polar bears, sloth bears, spectacled bears, and sun bears. Polar bears are endangered species and is accepting donations from people to provide membership for preserving species of a polar bear.

Species of Polar Bear is providing information on species of Bear which exist on this planet. Other than Polar bear and Giant Panda, all other bears are omnivores. The diet of the polar bear is restricted to Arctic's seal and other vegetation. However giant panda is mainly dependent on bamboo. Among all the ursiade species polar bears are endangered species. However brown bear is widely available in many areas. Even Asiatic black bears are mainly found in Asia such as in Himalayan regions, Pakistan and even in Japan. Panda is the only species of bear which is mainly found in China. However, sun bears are the smallest in species and it is mainly found in the south-eastern parts of Asia and they also have sweet tooth for honey. Among all bear family, Polar bear endangered species information has reported to the various organization to preserve them.