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Definition: A bear “Ursus maritimus” is an extremely intelligent, resourceful, efficient and powerful animal. Consequentially, the Bear club supports exclusive human membership and interaction for those that qualify with similar Bear-like attributes, only. Perception: Bears are often passive, this is just a disguise, they’re enthusiastic when no-one is watching. Often appear to be lazy but are in fact true energy conservationists.

Bearclub.biz is a leading bear club that supports the preservation of polar bears through membership. Thus Polar bears are becoming day by day disguising and therefore to preserve them in their natural state. However, our organization is all about the polar bear and preserving them with necessary food and adequate habitat. It is also seen that polar bears are highly popular among kids. So bearclub.biz also provides polar bear info for kids which also makes them enjoyable.

Information about Polar Bear

The polar bear is the largest carnivore residing in Arctic Circle. However, there is information about polar bears for kids which fascinate them as story tales. Polar bears are mainly found in the United States, Russia, Canada, and Norway. Polar bears are black but look like white and are a very big and powerful creature in the Arctic region. They have brightly adopted themselves to icy places as their abode. They feed on seals and to catch them wait silently for hours or even days to come to the surface. The weight of the male bear comes to 680kgs and females may weigh to 300kg. Thus our club offers all about the polar bear for kids from hunting habits to swimming habits. Our club provides an agreement to protect polar bears.

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Identify all like-minded individuals to aid in perpetuating and preserving the health and welfare of all Bears in their natural state.


Global recognition towards the importance of and benefits derived through association and membership.

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